ROCKET JUMP RC CAR - Worlds highest vertical jump with an RC car! (probably)

David thought it would be a good idea to try the Rocket jump car again. Johanna is sceptical but very supportive.\nWhat if you need to jump something with your car but don’t have a ramp? Let us introduce the next invention that will change the automotive industry! Soon everyone will have a rocket jump kit fitted to their car and easily jump over bridges that aren’t finished yet, police blockades and even up to the top floor of car parks.\nThe Rocket Jump RC car is a 1:10 scale HobbyKing Desert Fox RC car. The rocket used is the same as in the Rocket knife series. Providing 54kg (120lbs) of thrust for 0.4 seconds.\nThe car weighs about 3kg so you can imagine the results.\nEverything goes exactly to plan right up until the actual experiment.\nEnjoy!\n\nPart 1 of the Rocket jump RC car saga:\n\n\nLink to the HobbyKing Desert Fox RC car used in the episode:\n…\n\nWatch how the rocket was made:\n…\n\nThe Rocket Car episode where we recreate the mythusters JATO car:\n