Node.js for Beginners Part 1 (What is Node.js) - Edwin Diaz

What Will I Learn? To build Amazing NodeJS applications like the CMS we build here using Express, MongoDB and more To deploy Nodejs Apps on the Cloud To create Login and Registration system using NodeJS To use Mongoose (ODM) - very similar to ORM To create custom events To import and export data To use the Express FrameWork To handle HTTP requests To deal with Files To use WebSockets - (Chat application) To use PassportJS a module to login to Facebook, Twitter, Google and more To use Template Engines like Handlebars And LOTS more....... Course Description I don't know about you,but regular classes bore me, and that is why on this Node.js course we make it fun to learn LOTS of cool things. This course is meant for total beginners in the NodeJs world.

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