Author: Wesley Hales
Year Book: 2012

Html5 and JavaScript Web Apps: Bridging the Gap Between the Web and the Mobile Web

"HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps" is about building web applications with HTML5 and W3C specifications that are widely supported across all devices and browsers - both mobile and desktop. It focuses on practical, real-world usage of HTML5 and JavaScript in everyday programming. The content is intended for programmers who are facing the challenges of moving more code to the front-end with JavaScript, CSS and HTML while providing a back-end infrastructure that is loosely coupled and supportive of offline clients. The way we write web apps is changing - and it will always change. This book attempts to capture the snapshot in time of the HTML5 revolution and covers topics from beginner to advanced. You may be a novice who's just starting to learn web application development, or you may be an expert fine-tuning your existing stack. Either way, this book will give you a baseline for building advanced client-side web applications.