Author: David Tinney

Why Not Fly Free

You're going to learn and benefit from my experience. With over a decade in the travel industry, I know the inside secrets, what works and what doesn't.

There's a lot of scams out there. I've gotten some in the mail, saying I have won a free cruise and blah, blah, blah. Call the 800 number and find out they want $100 deposit before they'll talk to you.

It's not about being an air courier. Thats ancient news, and besides you can't take anybody with you as a courier. Oh, and it also costs $200-300 per year just to get on the list as a courier. Then you still have to pay for a portion of the ticket. Is that a good deal? I think not.

I'm going to give you information that will make you a more savvy traveler, armed with information that will save you bucks.

Why Not Fly Free gives a workable plan to attain a goal. The goal of free travel. Simple, yet extremely effective.

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