Emerging Infectious Photo
Author: Robert A. Salata
Book Pages: 138
Year Book: 2008

Emerging Infections: An Atlas of Investigation and Management

The infection specialist remains at the front line of medical practice, not only for newly emerging diseases, but also due to the worrying occurrence of re-emerging infections. An expert editorial team from the Case Western Reserve University Department of Medicine has brought together a panel of contributors to produce this beautifully illustrated guide to the major infectious diseases that a clinician is likely to meet. Key topics covered include avian influenza, SARS and hMPV; other viral infections such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS; infectious agents responsible for diarrhoeal disease in Western and developing countries; and other infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. Each chapter is comprehensively illustrated with photographs, images and charts, distilling the authors' extensive expertise and experience. This atlas will be an essential aid for any infection specialist and any practising physician who is called upon to treat infectious disease.

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