Part 2 - Blogging for Profit

Google's blogger platform is an excellent option for anyone looking to create their own website where they can start a blog that can actually get traffic, attention and money. Blogger is perfect for anyone who is looking for a blogging solution that offers free hosting as well as the on-page SEO you need to actually rank and get search traffic. In this course, you will learn how to use blogger to it's full potential:

Create a website with it's own custom domain that is powered by Google's blogger platform (optional).How to properly design your website with regard to design best practices. Learn the different pros and cons of blogger and who should use it and who should instead use WordPress. How to add analytics and social share buttons. The best domain name registrars. Best design structure layout for websites.

How to edit the HTML so you can actually customize your blog the way you want. Install custom themes instead of being stuck with Blogger's built in themesCreate content, structure blog posts and what to pay attention to for on-page SEO. Creating a blog with blogger is easy. You get free hosting, an SSL certificate and you can setup a custom domain (optional). Blogger is perfect for personal blogs or niche blogs on a specific topic.