Line Of Duty S01E05 A Better Way

I am consistently amazed at the writing talents and the acting talents that come out of England. Jed Mercurio's creation of this suspenseful police drama is top notch. There are tons of twists and turns and just when you think the action is going one way, a new idea or situation is placed in front of us to ponder. The premise is that a young DS, who won't lie in court for his fellow police officers is ostracized and gets transferred to the anti-corruption unit.

His new unit specifically investigates potentially corrupt cops and that's where D.C. Gates comes into the picture. A cat and mouse game starts between the seasoned and decorated D.C. Gates, played brilliantly by the under utilized actor in Lennie James and D.S. Arnott, played by Martin Compston (Ewin Brodie in Monach of the Glen)

Within the story is another mystery that is going on and all roads eventually collide. I would love to compare this show with another and I cannot. It has the camera feeling of Law and Order (UK) so there is a gritty quality to it. The scenery is drab and gray and the police office and what they wear blends in. Its the acting and the writing that stands out. Adrian Dunbar is brilliant as usual as D.S. Arnott's boss, a man whose seen a lot more in his lifetime than any of us ever will. I am putting out to the Universe that there will be a Season 2.

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