The Best Movie Hell to End Up In - After Hours

The gang gets together for a frank discussion of what happens after you die (in movies like Disney’s Hercules and Bedazzled), on a quest of spiritual discovery to uncover which movie has the best version of being in the bad place for eternity. \n\nCHECK US OUT on AMAZON:\n\nWant some more SOME NEWS, starring Cody Johnston? Then CLICK HERE:\n\nSUBSCRIBE HERE:\n\nFor additional perks, subscribe at:\n\nCLICK HERE for more HONEST ADS spoofs -\nCLICK HERE for GALACTIC WAR ROOM -\nCLICK HERE for WE'RE NOT ALONE -\nCLICK HERE for ROM.COM: The Series -\nCLICK HERE for AFTER HOURS:\nCLICK HERE for CRACKED ANIMATIONS:\nCLICK HERE for TODAY'S TOPICS:\nCLICK HERE for ESCORT MISSION:\n\nCLICK HERE to Subscribe to THE CRACKED PODCAST:\nOn iTunes:\n\nSee more\nLIKE us on:\nFOLLOW us on:\nFOLLOW us on: