Black History: Awesome Facts, Part TWO! | Thomas Sanders

It's Black History Month, and so, once again, I'm dedicating a video to learning more about notable people and events that maybe we didn't learn in school! My friends and I are challenging ourselves on our knowledge of Black history, and like before, I can't believe what I learned!! \n\nThank you so much to all of my incredible friends who came to help make this video possible!!\n\nDahlia's Links:\n\n\n\nDerionna's Links:\n \n \n\n\nJamahl's Links:\n\n\nLeo's Links:\n\n\n\n\nTerrence's Links: \n\n\n\n\nAnd thank you very much to Jared Miller for helping with the edit, graphics, and thumbnail of this video!!\n\nJared's Links:\n\n\n________________________\n\nSources:\n\nIra Aldridge:\n\n\nRichard Allen:\n\n\nArthur Ashe:\n\n\nSarah Baartman: \n…\n\n\n\nJosephine Baker:\n…\n\n\n\nBlack Lightning:\n\n\nBlack Panther:\n\n\nDorothy Dandridge:\n\n\nInterracial Marriage:\n…\n\nGarrett Augustus Morgan:\n\n\nLast state to ratify 13th Amendment:\n…\n\nBayard Rustin:\n\n\nNtozake Shange:\n\n\nHarriet Tubman:\n\n\n\n\n________________________\n\n***My Social Links: \n\n\n\n\ - thomassanders\nSnapchat - Thomas_Sanders\nTumblr -\n________________________\n\n***Merchandise: \n\n\n________________________\nBusiness Inquires: